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Amazing Beautiful Indian Bridal Anklets

Indian bridal jewelry includes a significance beyond adorning the bride; additionally, it represents her personal wealth or the dowry that they brings into the marriage. Based on the area of India where the bride is married, Indian bridal anklets might be inset with precious and semi-precious stones, enamel work or ivory. It's most often made in gold, even though it may also be made in fine silver filigree.

Indian Bridal Jewelry Sets

Traditionally, Indian brides wear no shoes and have henna bridal tattoos on their own feet. The anklets often have bells or hanging charms which produce a tinkling sound as the bride walks. Indian bridal anklets in many cases are worn on both ankles and can be quite elaborate and are often a part of a matching set of jewelry including arm bangles, earrings, and necklaces. At one time, waistbands and armlets were also worn, but they're not favored by modern brides.

While jewelry sets were once very heavy, brides today favor more delicate pieces that may be worn every day, as opposed to just for their wedding. Stones inset into Indian bridal anklets can include jade, garnet, pearl, amethyst, and coral. The stones might have significance for healing or prosperity based on the bride's religion. Although brides may wear rings, they aren't used in Indian bridal ceremonies. Instead, the groom places a necklace, known as a mangalsutra, around the bride's neck to represent their union.

Traditional Silver Anklets

The Solah Shringar is the 16 adornments of cosmetics and jewelry worn by traditional brides. Indian bridal anklets are often silver according to this tradition. It's quite common for pieces of jewelry to become joined by gold or silver chains, and anklets might be joined to toe rings, nose rings might be connected to ear rings and to jewelry worn in the hair, and bracelets might have chains joining these to the eight rings that are worn on the bride's fingers.

Indian weddings are elaborate affairs, filled with symbolism, but many modern brides made a decision to pare down the ceremony and elaborate preparations for financial reasons or their own personal preferences. Although some of the items of jewelry worn by brides have forfeit favor with modern Indian women, the Indian bridal anklet remains a well known item. Many Western women wear Indian anklets being an adornment because they are beautiful and highlight the legs, both visually and with the delightful tinkling sound they produce. The craftsmanship of Indian jewelers makes these pieces desired by women of many different cultures and Indian bridal anklets still find new markets throughout the world.
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